2007 FOALS



                                 TOYS STARR DODGER


Born April, out of PTS POCO BELLE STARR, by Toys Triple Chick.

Currently being trained and has been to a few AQHA shows and behaving herself impeccably. 





                         TOYS RED CHICK


Born the same day as Chime - red dun filly -Out of APHA mare FORNOUGHT MCFLIMSY, by Toys Triple Chick








Red Dun Gelding 

Out of Amber Champagne Mare SHUT UP AND KISS IT (Kissit), imported Foundation mare by TOYS TRIPLE CHICK. 






Unfortunately, on the morning of Thursday, The Yank (Golden Parr Miss) was euthanased with foaling complications.

She did however, leave a legacy of a strapping dun colt. The fact she always gave birth to such big healthy foals was eventually her undoing.

Now the work was up to us to do right by her.

All my friends set to and a potential foster mare was found just down the road, unfortunately, this attempt was not to be , but Jude found another mare down in Gloucester, but the owner was flying back from the USA so we had to wait till we could contact the owner for the okay. The mare (a maiden) had lost her foal 5 weeks prior to her due date and the veterinary clinic was preparing her for fostering, e.g. leaving the dead foal with her, moving it in and out of the stable to maintain interest, milking her, etc etc.

Pasadena arrived at 10pm Friday night, the foal having been maintained on hourly bottle feeds. He would only accept the bottle from myself, but we fooled him by getting a friend to wear my dirty clothing.

The hard work then started - everybody has been so supportive and going without sleep from Wednesday night through to Sunday night was only possible by the support of genuine friends and locals and the Quarter Horse world. Thanks to you all.

Special Thanks to Beverley who did nearly every session with me despite the fact one of her mares was due to foal (good old Michael came in useful here - still waiting by the way), Jude for contacting the National Foaling Bank and finding Pasadena, leaving work and bringing her straight up and working through the night with us and then turning up on Sunday when Bev and I were like spaced out aliens and staying till Monday morning. Jan for helping move the foal at a moments notice, as my trailer was safely locked up some 15 miles away. Mel from Priory Veterinary Clinic, who went far and beyond the call of duty and maintained personal contact throughout the whole thing, and Paul and Sherry Sharon and Charlie for moral and physical support, making sure I was eating etc.

The biggest thanks of course have to go to Johanna Vardon of the National Foaling Bank without whom the whole thing would have been a complete disaster with a dead mare and foal.

Johanna Vardon was always on the other end of the phone no matter what time of day and night with advice and support, we had several hiccups during the whole procedure, but she got our positivity up and encouraged us to go a step beyond we thought we were capable of. The most wonderful person.

If you had read this please consider donating or joining the National Foaling Bank as this a charity and is purely funded by the public. I am ashamed to say I was not a member, but it made no difference to Johanna, a foals life is a foals life.

Cooper was sold the moment he was born and the new owners will be looking after him very soon, as they live quite close to the home of Pasadena the KWPN mare who saved his life. She is 15 years old, a maiden and has wings in my opinion!!

It WAS all worth it, we have had to boost his immunity with an IV serum, but as of this moment he is as healthy as any other little foal, and his new mum absolutely loves every inch of him .

Cooper has now gone off to his new home with his foster mum Pasadena.

Pasadena comes from the Gloucester area and it was pure coincidence that the people who bought Cooper, Wendy and Philly also come from that area, so it made sense for the pair of them to go now to their new home, so Pasadena's mum can keep in touch. Below a picture of Cooper arriving at his new home with a gentle word of encouragement from 'mum' to come out and have a look at their new home!




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