2012 FOALS



Libra produced a huge bay colt foal on the morning of 23rd June. Libra is a very experienced broodmare and knows more about foaling than I could ever hope to know.   Strangely enough, this little lad does have a very strong dorsal line and leg barrings, something I didn't expect to see on a pure bred Andalusian. No doubt countershading but more like the Grullo in the Quarter Horse. White star and one white hind sock  is the only white I can see at the moment.

Legado is now greying out but has a very impressive gait and nothing goes unnoticed with him.  He adores Rooster and is more often than not beside him than his mum. 


This is one impressive colt, lots of 'look at me' attitude.


Can be gelded, but with his presence and looks not to mention his breeding it would be a shame to geld him if possible.  Definite stallion potential

more pics available and videos on request

                                                                  SALE PENDING 








Altiva gave an absolute text book delivery at 9pm, 18th May to the most beautiful black filly. Altiva is a perfect mum and is quite happy for me to potter about in the stable with her and the foal who is very inquisitive and keeps approaching for a cuddle and fuss.  She is so different from the quarterhorse foals I have become so accustomed to.  Strange to see one without a stripe down it's dorsal line!!  She will probably grow out grey but in the meantime she is as black as night. .  She will be fully registered BAPSH. Lines go back to LEVITON, MALUSO AND POSIEDON IV on sires side.

Microchipped, blood typed, passported and registered with BAPSH.

This is a beautiful filly with a beautiful mind, she has not put a foot out of place. Inquisitve and quiet demeanour

Don't miss this one, she is a cracker!

Looks like she may be greying out. 






Kissit (Shut up and Kiss It) on the morning of 4th May saw me at the gate and proceeded to bring her new daughter down to the muddiest part of the field to show me what a clever girl she was and to show off her new daughter.  She didn't give me time to get up to the dry part of the field!  Honesty didn't seem to mind however and plodded after mum wondering why she wasn't born with webbed feet!







Belle (PTS Poco Belle Starr) produced a BIG dun colt on the morning of 16th April.  Had to look twice as they were all eating the haylage bale and Hudson was fast asleep in the middle of it with everyone else eating around him. Belle is such a chilled mother and being quite dominant in a very established herd, no-one, and I mean no-one would dream of interfering with a little furry lump in the middle of their breakfast!





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