Red Dun colt born the morning of 8th April to Shut Up and Kissit.    DNA RESULT = RED DUN, NO CHAMPAGNE OR CREAM.

Long legged with big knees etc. Kissit is an excellent mother and had no worries about me going to have a prod and a cuddle. Everything working in excellent order. Very loving little colt and interacts with Jacey very well.


Judge is proving to be a real cutey and loves fuss. Very calm and sensible

Will mature around 15hh/15.1" and is eligible for all Foundation Registers.

Will be AQHA registered, passported, microchipped etc 




                                                                 FOR SALE £1750

                                                         PSSM NEG 




                           JAUNTY - BRUJA FILLY FOAL 3RD JULY



Think Bruja was pleased Independance Day came a day early!  

Big bouncy filly. Similar colour to her big brother Ike.  Giving her mum the run around and helping her get rid of her mummy tummy.

 Everyone very interested and only her previous son allowed anywhere near... well for a time anyway. You could see her thinking "I know you are my son, but my priorities are now my daughter, I think you ought to go away!"  Ike couldn't care less and went off to play with Ely.  Everything settling well.  

There is a big temptation to interfere in the herd, but I keep a very careful eye on them and I know all the others are fine with foals. Separating them now would only cause problems later.  This is an established herd and everyone knows their place in the scheme of things and a mare with her new born is respected although an interest they want to share.. within bounds. 

Jaunty is a perky little filly and obviously very secure already in her surroundings.

There is a possibility that Jaunty will carry the grey gene. 

Will mature around 15hh


                                                                      SALE PENDING                                                                                   







 Why Belle decided to give birth in the muddiest field is beyond me. She had a nice greener field and stables but she knew what she was doing obviously.  Belle is a very experienced mum and had no problem producing her normal excellent standard of foal.  This time a beautiful dun filly.  Full of curiosity and quick to learn.

This is one very inquisitive little filly, she is into everything and really does not worry if mum is not with her. Everyone else babysits her anyway!!  So bold and loves a bottom scratch. 

Jacey has been tested  E/E homozygous for bacl and D/d the dun gene heterozygous A/a heterozygous agouti 


Starting to shed out around her face and legs now.

Will mature around 15.1/15.2". Will be registered with AQHA,, passported, microchipped etc. Eligible for all Foundation Registers. 






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