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                            CC - RED DUN OVERO COLT (KWEST) - 25TH JULY-PSSM NEG

This is the first foal from CC by Rooster and I couldn't be more pleased.


CC knows what she is doing having a couple of foals before and everything went swimmingly well.

My computer had died in the morning and being Saturday rushed off to the computer repairer before going to see CC. She didn't show any signs the day before so I was surprised to see the extra pair of legs.  I was convinced she would have a solid because Rooster is just so dominant but CC surpassed herself and produced a minimal white which is exactly my preference.  

Showing himself to be a very bold chappie who is not frightened by anything or anyone. 


Kwest will be for sale at weaning.  Will be registered with  APHA.


                                                                     £3000 ono  






                          PEEWIT - DUN COLT(KANSAS) - 6TH MAY

Peewit surprised me .  She was not due really for another two weeks maybe, no waxing, etc.  

I always sneak into the yard hoping the horses don't hear me, so I can prepare their feeds without their help (?) Peewit is always first into the yard but today everyone else meandered in and I could hear Peewit neighing.  This is not usual. I put the buckets out and the others fell in to their food as usual. Another neigh from Peewit, but this time I was hot foot around the corner only to nearly bump into her AND a miniature Rooster by her side.

All Peewit was worried about is that someone was eating her food!! Foal followed and everyone continued as normal, other than Judge, a yearling, who could not help having his eyes on stalks wondering what on earth the foal was! Rooster keeps a close eye on everything and the other girls were completely normal.  A  true herd occurrence, lovely to watch.

Sprayed little ones umbilical and went to put spray back in shed only to find little one trotting behind me and leaving her mum.  Such trust in the herd.

Peewit is a very experienced, excellent mother and will let me do anything around her even with a new born. money just can't buy that temperament.

She had the choice to foal in a stable but she prefers al fresco.  Whatever she is happy with suits me!

 Kansas is one of the most forward, friendly foals you could meet. Love being handled all over and cuddled.  That suits me too!!

His character is now emerging and he is "The Comedian". Really cute and just looking at him makes you smile.


Will mature around 15.1" ish but be very stocky and certainly up to weight and suitable for all members of the family.


Kansas has been tested positive for one gene of the PSSM1 disorder. However, correctly managed it should not impair his future. The more natural you keep them the better. His dad who has recently been diagnosed as having one gene has never ever shown any signs at all.


His price will be discussed by me with suitable buyers  

                                                               SALE PENDING 







                                BELLE- DUN FILLY (KENZY) 15TH MAY 2015

I think Belle must have read all the text books for this one.  She waxed up and became unsettled and  I just knew by 24 hours we would have a little one.  

True to her word at some unreasonable time this morning, this little girl came into the world, full of the joys of life. Big, healthy little girl, well... not so little actually, but Belle always produces the goods and it is a very well and tested pairing.

Not as 'in your face' as Kansas but Belle's foals always ask questions of you which is so satisfying when you can answer them and they respond.  She has had a cuddle, but Belle did not really want to come into the stable and as I was on my own could not get the foal to follow her, so the fuss was made out in the field instead. Everyone happy.

This little girl is already hopefully sold and her new mum and dad will be coming up shortly to meet her.


She is "The Model" of the herd. Poser, poser , poser!!  Slightly more aloof than Kansas, but then most foals are, will stand for a bum scratch then wanders off.  Tall, elegant, beautiful and she knows it!


                                                                     DEPOSIT TAKEN 



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